Why are more people suffering from adult acne?

Why does acne form?

There are actually a lot of different causes of adult acne. It occurs due to a combination of multiple factors.
And some of those causes may seem unusual. For example, we tend to think that acne-prone skin suffers from excessive sebum excretion, but actually one of the reasons for acne is a lack of moisture caused by dryness.

Due to active oxygen(UV rays),dryness, etc.The stratum corneum's barrier function declines Irritants enter pores, dead skin thickens Pores get blocked Sebum accumulates in pores Acne bacteria reproduce Inflammation = acne (pimple)

What should I do if I get acne?

Acne is a type of skin disorder called ""acne vulgaris.""
It's bothersome so many people try to pop or squeeze the pimples themselves, but this is completely out of the question.
Doing so introduces bacteria and exacerbates inflammation, sometimes leading to acne scars.
Before things reach that point, if the symptoms are bothering you, you should see a dermatologist. Also, being careful about your daily lifestyle and your skin care and makeup, etc. can improve your skin's condition and prevent the exacerbation of acne.

What can I do to avoid exacerbating acne?

【Managing stress】

Mental stress is one factor that triggers acne. It can also exacerbate symptoms. In your daily life, make it a point to sleep well, relax at bath time, enjoy hobbies, and otherwise manage stress in ways that work for you. In addition, appropriate skin care and makeup that don't impose a burden on the skin also help to reduce stress.

【Improve sleep quality】

Lack of sleep is a major factor that disrupts the hormone balance. It causes a notable decline in skin's ability to recover, leaving it more prone to acne. It also has a significant impact on mental stress, so you should get plenty of sleep – about 8 hours is ideal. Skin reaches its peak recovery ability between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., so you should make a point of going to bed early.

【Be thorough about UV ray protection】

UV rays diminish the skin's barrier function and are another cause of acne. They further exacerbate inflammation and are a cause of the pigmentation in acne scars. To decrease the damage, you should protect the skin from UV rays as much as possible. However, oily sunscreen imposes a burden on acne, so we recommend non-comedogenic tested products with minimal amounts of oil.
Choose UV care products that impose the least possible burden on acne, and thoroughly protect the skin from UV rays.

UV care
【Eat a balanced diet】

It is actually not well understood to what extent foods with a lot of fat or sugar cause acne.
But nutritional balance also serves as a source of vitality for the skin, so you should make a point of eating a balanced, regular diet.
And unreasonable dietary restrictions often end up causing stress, so use caution.

Vegetables & fruit
【Be careful about irritants on the skin】

Keeping clean the things that touch your skin, such as foundation puffs, pillowcases, futon covers, etc., is another way to prevent acne.
A habit of mindlessly touching or popping pimples when you're tense also exacerbates acne.
Check whether your everyday actions or personal belongings may be causing your acne to get worse.


When I have acne, is it OK to use cosmetics?

When symptoms are severe, after consulting with a dermatologist, you should abstain from using cosmetics.
However, appropriate skin care and makeup can also help to prevent acne and reduce stress.
When the condition has subsided, choose cosmetic items that don't impose a burden on acne and resume skin care and makeup.