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    Skin care that improves the diminished barrier function
    in unstable skin and keeps it healthy.

    The human body is equipped with a barrier function to protect itself from irritants and damage. For example, the stratum corneum is one of the things that acts as a barrier on the skin.
    But once moisture evaporates and that function declines, it becomes easy for substances that cause allergies to penetrate, and problems such as skin irritations occur.

    ACSEINE AL Basic Skin Care offers an array of items that keep the skin healthy.
    These items are both highly functional and hypoallergenic, to care for skin that's vulnerable to irritants.

The difference between healthy skin and sensitive skin:
In healthy skin, two barrier functions, the stratum corneum and the sebum film on the skin's surface,
join forces to protect the skin's interior from a variety of irritants.
  • Intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum hold water and link the cells together.
  • There's a good balance between the water and oil content.
    The sebum film on the skin's surface also plays a role.
  • Skin is soft and smooth. Fine lines are neat and orderly.
  • A vicious cycle is repeated, in which: Intercellular lipids are lacking→
    Moisture evaporates→The stratum corneum is filled with gaps→Irritants get in.
  • Both water and oil content are in short supply.
    The sebum film doesn't function adequately either.
  • Fine lines are disorderly, and skin is hard. Toughness,
    powderiness, and peeling become noticeable.

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Replenish the moisture and the intercellular lipids that are lacking in everyday care. Aid the barrier function.